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My little brother grew up with a reputation for "put'n in work" as the streets say. God graciously transformed us by the renewing of our minds and gave us a fresh perspective.  We recorded this track in a garage apartment studio back in 2007 and by HIs grace, it is available to you today.  

I am called and committed to offering all my mind, strength, gifts, and abilities to edify God's people and share the gospel with the lost.  Some of my greatest passions include sharing the truth of God's word, making music, and helping others grow.  This project will get Moonlight Ministries recognized as a gospel-powered producer of hip-hop soul music. 

We have all been created with a purpose. That purpose is directly linked to our deepest desires and our most skilfully developed abilities. Yet, even with the best skills and deepest affinities, we are still lost without the right opportunities. What are your God-given desires, abilities, and opportunities? Together they hold the key to your purpose and ultimate destiny.

Our young people need real wisdom to guide them in this broken world.  If we don't teach them well who will? If your still alive today, you are a survivor of this cruel world and have experiences that our youth can learn from. Let us share our joys and sorrows, as well as our failures and victories that they may be all the wiser. At the very least, you've got a loyal younger friend forever.  

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